Useful information · Get your tickets for a F.C Barcelone match : Be careful with the black market

If you want to see a Barça match at Camp Nou, avoid resellers not authorised by the F.C. Barcelona. Indeed, the club is hunting the black market. The club has had a loss of 1.5 million euros after the Clasico.


F.C Barcelona dismantled the Black Market


Last July, F.C. Barcelona revealed that 2822 socios (members of the club)  will be severely punished after abusing their membership cards. Indeed, they left their cards to resellers not approved by the F.C Barcelona who sold their tickets for the match at prices exceeding the total amount of their annual subscription. The resale to unofficial sellers was  tempting especially before the big matches such as the Clasico where they could earn several hundred or even a few thousand euros. For information, the F.C Barcelona authorizes the "loan" of the membership card to a "friend" but it’s strictly forbidden to use the subscriber cards for commercial purposes.


On the evening of the Clasico on May 6, 2822 spectators arrived at Camp Nou with a false entrance. Indeed, the retailers had made e-tickets printed with the QR code of the socio tickets. THowever, the security is  now aware of this fraud.


How to buy official tickets ? With the F.C Barcelona or with an agency approved


So be careful when you buy your tickets to see a Barça match at Camp Nou: the club may refuse you the entrance if you have counterfeit tickets. We advise you to buy your tickets with the F.C Barcelona or with an agency approved by F.C. Barcelona, the guarantee of official tickets We advise you Nectar Sports agency, a specialized agency based in Barcelona. They are Camp Nou experts and they will advise you on the best places inside the stadium and get you seats next to each other.


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